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  • For Skill Levels: Beginner-Intermediate
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Bass Guitar Secrets has established itself as one of the leading bass guitar learning courses on the web. This package deal has great deal of quality training material, super useful software, and is backed by one of the best warranties you will ever find with in a digital learning product.

Alex Sampson, the author of Bass Guitar Secrets is a master of the bass guitar and has a unique training style with unique information to help bass players of any skill level.

The course covers topics such as how to play by ear, theory for both beginners and intermediates, tablature, scales, chords... you name it, they've got it covered.


The bulk of the course is contained within a comprehensive 2-part manual (253 pages total) that covers the basics as well as more advanced techniques. Alex Sampson's writing style is entertaining, easy to read, but most importantly, informative and well put together. For all the exercises and examples in the manuals there are accompanying .mp3 files. In addition, there are supplemental .pdf booklets which include 49 Bass Licks, accompanying audio files, as well as the Insider's Guide to Chord Mastery manual.

Bonus Tools include Jambox, GrooveStation, MetroPlus, and Fretboard Genius. We liked the fact that they are packaged together for easy access. Jambox has 102 loops that are super play-along tracks that are just begging for bass accompaniment. Groovestation wasn't quite as intuitive as Jambox, (We did had to consult their online manual) but it works as advertised, allowing you to play and create playlists from a very wide variety of drum beats. Metroplus is a nifty tool that doubles as a digital metronome with some advanced features and allows you to tune your bass guitar. Fretboard Genius comes with 3 modules that test your knowledge of the bass guitar. The 1st module for example, 'Name that Note' can test your ear as well as your knowledge of where to play various notes. Note that even without the bonus material, the base course is worth the investment.


You get access to 3 personal coaching sessions where you can upload tracks of you playing the bass and get critiqued on your playing. Their support goes even further as there is a private forum where you can receive help. Other support options are email, chat as well as tutorials for their software tools. As an added bonus, the course also comes with lifetime updates.

Bass Guitar Secrets's warranty and customer support is second-to-none. Bass Guitar Secrets features an industry-best 12-month money back guarantee. The standard warranty for instructional software courses are 30 days, so this is huge!

Ease of Use

You do have to know how to make new folders on your computer to properly organize the course, as the download page is ridiculously full of individual items you have to download to your computer. Breaking the course down like it does is good for those with slow internet connection, but I hope that eventually they will give the option of downloading the course in just one or two zip files.

Installation of Bass Guitar Secrets software went without an issue. Bass Guitar Secrets has versions for either the PC or the Mac.


The price tag of Bass Guitar Secrets is very reasonable, especially when you consider the bonus tools that are included in the package. For the price of a couple 30-minute private lessons, you get great instruction and tools you can learn with at your own pace.

Bass Guitar Secrets is our current Editor's Choice because it combines great teaching and super support at a great price. If you are serious about learning the bass guitar, you will find Bass Guitar Secrets to be a great buy.

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Review Summary

Great quality bass lessons in eBook format. Also comes with several unique software tools for bassists.

Noticably lacking are the video lessons however, which Alex remedies with Fretboard Formula, his sequel to Bass Guitar Secrets.

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