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Is Bass or Guitar Harder to Play?

The question of whether bass or guitar is harder to play often comes up in the minds of guitar beginners. Some even think that the bass must be easier to play because it has less strings than the guitar. Right at the beginning of guitar playing, instead of just trying to learn a chord or finding a course of guitar lessons on the internet, newbies always start looking for the easiest or the "best" way to learn guitar. So wondering about which is harder to play between guitar and bass is another...

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Bass Guitar Basics

There are basic bits of equipment that you need to include when you buy your first bass guitar. The guy in the guitar store is going to want to sell you a boatload of accessories but you only need a few basic things to make up your basic bass guitar kit. Buying your very first bass guitar is an occasion you will remember for the rest of your life....

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Buying a Used Bass Guitar

What would a rock band be without a bass guitar? It is one of the most overlooked of the rock instruments, but it is also one of the most essential. Without a bass, the only beat you have to go with is the beat of the drums, and that does not always work for certain songs...

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History of the Bass Guitar

The bass guitar has been derived from the double bass, which was used in the late 1950's. Having 4 strings, these instruments add the lower tones to a musical performance. Experimentation with the bass had started as early as the 1920's. It wasn't until the 50's however, that a proper bass instrument was formed.

In the mid 20th century jazz became popular. As double bass's were used those days, they were often not heard due to the lack of amplification. The drums, banjos and other instruments in the band drowned out the sound of the bass...

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Online Bass Lessons vs. Private Bass Lessons

Let's face it. Private lessons are very expensive. I remember taking music lessons from a music teacher every week and paying around $50 bucks an hour. Was it worth it for me? I have to say that it wasn't. There are a lot of people that can better improve their skills by studying on their own.

Note that most all of the courses that are reviewed on this site cost less than a single music lesson...

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What You Need to Know About Bass Guitar & Amplifiers

Leo Fender and George Fullerton are the founders and inventors of the electric bass guitars that was first introduced in the 1950s. The split up feature of the first bass guitar was introduced in 1957. This feature is the one responsible for producing the humbucking effect attributed to bass guitars. A violin shaped guitar was then released by Gibson followed by a more modern design six years thereafter... Read More