Online Bass Lessons vs Private Lessons


Question: So what are the advantages of taking online bass guitar lessons over private bass lessons?

Advantage #1 - PRICE

Let's face it. Private lessons are very expensive. I remember taking music lessons from a music teacher every week and paying around $50 bucks an hour. Was it worth it for me? I have to say that it wasn't. There are a lot of people that can better improve their skills by studying on their own.

Note that most all of the courses that are reviewed on this site cost less than a single music lesson.

Advantage #2 - FEATURES

When private lessons are completed, you don't really have much to show for it but the homework assignments you've been given. In addition, you usually don't have a way to record or view the lesson if you wanted to review a technique again, or catch something you missed earlier.

Some people also have an awful time trying to perform in pressure situations, and aren't very comfortable with playing for people when first starting out. In those cases, online computer lessons are definitely the much better choice.

Advantage #3 - CONVENIENCE

  • No wasting time or money driving to and from bass lessons every week.
  • No juggling schedules to try to fit the lessons into your lifestyle.
  • You can take online bass guitar lessons with you wherever you go.
  • You have the ability to learn at your own pace.
  • You get actual lessons that you will always have, instead of verbal instruction that you may soon forget.

Advantage #4 - FUN FACTOR!

I mean, come on... do you really feel like practicing the bass if it's not fun? Take for instance, the original full band tracks that are part of the structure of the Guitar and Bass Course or Bass Guitar Secrets. That would be an example of something that regular in-person lessons can't quite compete with!

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