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As the name suggests, Guitar and Bass offers two different courses on their website for both the bass guitar and the acoustic / electric guitar. If you buy the download version they have available, you will get access to both of these courses.

Guitar and Bass is a very impressive product with an extremely low price tag. With 50+ lessons, the course covers a wide spectrum of bass guitar techniques, chords, styles, how to play lead and accompaniment bass guitar, and teaches everything in a unique, interactive way. There is a demo lesson available on their site which we encourage you to check out.

The Guitar and Bass course is available as an internet access download version or a packaged cd-rom version. We like the internet based download as it gives access to both the bass guitar and the regular guitar course, has several great software add-ons, and saves even more money as you don't have to pay for shipping.


Guitar and Bass' lessons structure consists of approx. fifty interactive tutorial modules. Most of the lessons have full band high-quality audio jam tracks built right in (one with bass guitar accompaniment and one without) You don't have to dig through a whole bunch of folders to get the audio and video files you need for the lessons they are built right in to the browser-based tutorials, which is a real strength in our opinion. The jam tracks are super high quality and lots of fun to play along with. The videos for the lessons also have a similar production quality. Also built in to the training modules is a tuner and a drum machine which you can set to several different tempos and rhythms.

If you decide on getting the web based version, you can later download the files on your computer so you don' t have to be connected to the internet while you work on your lessons. It's a bit tedious to do so, but it's worth it. We won't go into the software bonuses that you get if you order online, but they are excellent additions as well.


Guitar and Bass' support options are plentiful; They have a support email address, their physical mailing address as well as a phone and fax number posted on their website. We don't think you'll ever need to use them however.

Bass and Guitar's warranty is probably the best I've seen for instrument learning software. It has a Lifetime Guarantee which is quite impressive. Once again, you won't need to make use of it.

Ease of Use

With the CD version that I tested there were no installation problems whatsoever. The software also was very easy to learn and worked flawlessly.

The web-based version of Bass and Guitar works on both PCs and Macs, but please note that the CD version of Bass and Guitar's lessons are not compatible with the Mac.


Bass and Guitar's price point is exceptional. Since the course sells from Australia, the currency difference really works to your advantage if you are from the UK, USA, or Canada. The download version sells for $27 AUD, which only works out to just over $25 USD, less than what you would pay for a single 30-minute private lesson.

If you need a low cost, hi-value product and want to get up and running on the bass guitar as soon as possible, Guitar and Bass will be right up your alley. It also makes for a great additional learning tool to go along with Bass Guitar Secrets.

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Review Summary

Not much video instruction, but good play along tracks and well designed software make this an acceptable beginners's learning tool.

It works especially well for the wannabe bassist who wants to learn the basics for a price anyone can afford.

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