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A new player in the music lessons market, Music Master Pro was founded by recording artist Jay Dynasty, who has taught music for over 20 years. Between Jay and his partner Greg Evans, they attempt to teach bass guitar, drums, keyboard, acoustic/electric guitar and violin. The sad part is that it's just that... an attempt, and not a really good one as our review shows.

Music Master Pro is quite an ambitious product at a seemingly good price. If you buy any course (for any the instruments offered on their site), you'll gain free access to all their other instrument courses. This approach is rather unique and a definite buying incentive for some people. Unfortunately we found there are so many problems with this course that we definitely can't recommend it for learning bass guitar (or any other instrument for that matter). Having said that, if Jay Dynasty and co. someday decided to clean up the content and presentation on their site we will come back and re-review what currently stands as a poor quality product.

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When we purchased our copy of Music Master Pro we had fairly reasonable expectations. After a brief look around the member's area, we became very disappointed.

We'll start off with the member's area. Pasted all over the place are banner ads, ranging from "How to make 400 bucks in an hour" to foreclosure database advertisements. In short, there was junk everywhere. The members area has more than it's share of dead links, and I had one or two of the file downloads fail on me (one with a rather serious windows error message).

Warning: There are quite a few websites on the internet that endorse Music Master Pro, but you should be aware that it's usually because they have an advertising agreement with the company. We would caution you to be very suspicious of any review site that gives you a glowing report of Music Master Pro.

The bass course currently consists of 5 audio/video lessons, 4 scale charts, and a couple short .pdfs on theory. The .mp3 files that you download is exactly the same audio as the movie files and frankly, are completely useless, as you have no clue as to what's going on when he's explaining things. The movies wouldn't be all that bad, except in each movie lesson, there is a small TV screen in the background playing a soap opera! (We kid you not) It's incredibly distracting to say the least.

There is a "New Videos This Month" section which, when we reviewed had 4 extra video lessons to download. In addition, most of the links to resources and software aids are all from 3rd parties, one or two of which you even have to pay for, which is completely ridiculous.


Music Master Pro has a two month refund policy, which is normal for most downloadable learning products.

Music Master Pro receives two thumbs down in this regard. They do have email/IM options both of which we tried to reach them with (multiple times). Unfortunately we have yet to hear back from them...

Ease of Use

No problems other than having to individually download all lesson materials, which can be a significant pain.

All lessons material is compatible with either the PC or the Mac.


When we finished reviewing the bass guitar lessons, we tested out some other lesson material they had for other instruments. We actually found that some of the courses they have (e.g. their violin course) are of actually somewhat better quality than the bass guitar lessons they have.

While the price of Music Master Pro is quite decent... the content is not. Until the folks over at Music Master Pro fix up their members area, clean up their existing content, and add more quality content, we will have to say pass on this one. Now, an exception would be that if you were learning or wanted to learn multiple instruments, you will find Music Master Pro's conglomerated depository beneficial. Otherwise, take a look at either Bass Guitar Secrets (Our Editor's Choice) or the Guitar and Bass Course.

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Review Summary

Don't fall for the hype. We're one of the first websites to recognize what Music Master Pro really is... a not so obvious scam.

Keep your money and look elsewhere for a good quality bass guitar course.

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